Sunday, November 15, 2009

I'm sitting in a time-warp of a coffee shop in N. Brooklyn -- photos of Sinatra preserved in saran wrap and red ribbon on the walls, Brenda Lee on the radio, Egg-cream for sale, Sara and Joe behind the counter. I wandered here, looking for a safe place to write some lyrics, but find myself too lost in the 50s vibe of the place to concentrate. It's impossible for me to write my own lyrics when other music is on. But all is not lost. I'm enjoying myself immensely -- this place is completely unpretentious. Sitting here and soaking up "the real deal" will hopefully reflect in the lyrics later.
Besides, the band just polished off the arrangements and lyrics for 3 new songs, and we have another almost complete. Hopefully we can debut "Drifting", "Flight", and "Can't go Home" with the full band at our show at the Delancey this Saturday. We had to cancel (horror!) our last show due to the influenza, so we'll have to make up some momentum on Saturday. Ok, my sugar and caffeine high is rattling me out the door into the lovely, and freakishly nice, November weather. Until next time.

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